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About Airborne Ice Skating

Our Amazing Team

My name is Kelda Nolen. I am the Skating Director at Cleland Ice Rink and founder of the Airborne Ice Skating Team. I have over 20 years experience on the ice and love sharing my passion for skating with others. (All ages and abilities welcome!) I spent my childhood and teen years as a competitive figure skater training with Olympic coaches and sharing the ice with world and Olympic competitors.

Tests passed include: Junior Moves, Novice Free, Bronze Dance and 3rd Figure.

I am a member in good standing of Learn to Skate USA, USFS, & PSA. 

I am also a 200 hour certified yoga teacher. I found yoga during a time when I was living far away from any ice rinks and it instantly became a part of my life. I love practicing and teaching yoga in and out of the rink. If you are interested in building strength, increasing flexibility, finding balance and calmness, ask me how yoga can help!

Airborne Ice Skating is blessed to have a growing team of coaches with a wide variety of skills and specialties. We have coaches with expertise and experience in the world of competitive skating, show skating, hockey skating, roller skating, adult skating, and more. 

We can meet all of your skating needs! 

  • Performances

  • Group Lessons

  • Private Lessons

  • Testing

  • Competitions

  • Skating for Fitness

  • Hockey Skills

  • Adult

  • Power Skating

  • Ice Dancing

  • Figures

Our coaches and volunteers stay up to date on the latest training and teaching techniques and are professional members of Ice Sports Industries. Additional trainings and info include: First aid, CPR, Background Checks

Our Coaching Staff:

Kelda Nolen, Skating Director
Coach Kelda teaches group and private lessons. Her specialty is figure skating, power skating, figures, dance, choreography, USFS tests & Competitions.

Aly Hansen, Assistant Director
Coach Aly teaches group and private lessons. She specializes in figure skating, power skating (hockey & figure), ice dance, choreography, and adults. Aly is also experienced in USFS tests & competitions.

Amanda Ransom
Coach Amanda teaches group and private lessons. She specializes in figure skating, power skating, choreography, adults, and USFS tests & Competitions. She also has her Ph.D. and is an Assistant Professor of Physical Science and Exercise Education at Methodist University.

Will Nolen
Coach Will is a group lessons instructor who also specializes in power skating,  conditioning, and hockey skills.
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