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Choosing Skating Music

Choosing skating music can be a stressful endeavor and there are many factors must be considered:

1. Skater's age and ability

2. Skater's personality

3. The event - competition; spotlight; show; artistic; test

4. Ability to be edited to the right length of time

Some skating coaches will choose the music for their skaters, this makes it easy on the skater and their family. However, if the skater is not fond of the music they should be honest right away. It is important to like the music you're going to be skating to. It is wonderful if you LOVE the music you're going to be skating to, especially since you will listen to it hundreds of times.

If you as a skater have the option of choosing your own music take some time to think about what you like. Think also about the strength and speed of your skating and what type of choreography you're comfortable with. Often times instrumental music can be easier to interpret on the ice, so check for instrumental versions of some of your favorite songs on iTunes (or your music site of choice). Also think about your favorite movies and listen to the soundtracks from them. If you're feeling stuck you can watch skating videos online and pay attention to the music that you like, note the style or the artist and listen to more of the same. Once you have a few ideas share them with your coach for input before you settle your mind on music or start shopping for dresses or costumes. It is extremely important that your coach approves of your music.

Some additional tips:

1. Get out of your comfort zone during choreography time! Listen to the music and don't be afraid to try things, your coach or choreographer wants to work with your strengths and your style.

2. Listen to your music as much as possible when you're not at the rink. Visualize your program, learn the changes in music, know exactly where you are supposed to be and what you are supposed to be doing for every note of the music.

3. Practice your program every time you skate. Even if you don't have the opportunity to play your music on the rink sound system.

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