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Should I sign up for the ice show??

Maybe you’ve just recently started group or private skating lessons, or perhaps you have been skating long enough to have witnessed the excitement of ice shows. The rehearsals, the costumes, the big day….should you participate? Yes! Every skater should experience at least one show. You might be nervous about performing in front of a crowd, but an ice show is typically less intimidating than a competition as you are not alone on the ice and you are not being judged.

Things to consider:

  1. The schedule. Before you make your decision make sure that you can attend ALL rehearsals and show times.

  2. The fees. Read the registration and be sure you understand all the fees and when they are due.

  3. The qualifications. Know that your level of skating will largely determine your part in the show. If you are a lower level skater you will likely be in group numbers, do not expect a solo. Know that all parts are important and take pride in whatever role you are assigned.

  4. Invite your friends and family! Don’t be shy about your show, let your friends and family share in the joy of skating. It’s not every day they can go watch a live ice show.

  5. Questions. Do not be afraid to ask questions! If you’re confused or unsure about anything just ask the show director or a coach. Know that they place a high priority on all the skaters enjoying the show process.

  6. Volunteers. Ice shows take a tremendous amount of behind the scenes work to come together. Consider ways you might be able to contribute, whether it is providing a volunteer worker, donating snacks/drinks, helping with props or set making. There will be sign-ups for a variety of volunteer opportunities.

  7. This will be a fun experience that you remember for years to come! Be sure to delegate someone to take lots of pictures and videos of you.

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